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Arvo Zylo "Sequencer Works Volume Three" pro cassette

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  The final volume of Arvo Zylo's "Sequencer Works" series sees much of Arvo Zylo's earliest and most unhinged outings. More than half of the tape was recorded in squat houses and closets in states of youthful delirium and naive, sleepless mania. Culled from dozens of hours of madness, and 90 minutes in duration, it features machine sequences intended for anonymous hidden cassette collaborations, imaginary surrealist film soundtracks, a sequencer version of "Mention This" featuring renowned performance artist/vocalist Atalee Judy, an early out-take from Zylo's "underground famous" "333" release (which caused a scuffle during its initial performance), a cover of Flipper's "Life Is Cheap", a one-shot home-recorded song inspired by a stalker, and various other oddities/anomalies. The custom cover art and layout/design was executed by prominent poster artist Tiny Little Hammers, and liner notes were written by Scott Scholz (Tymbal Tapes, Words on Sounds, Tabs Out, etc). Co-released by Personal Archives and Ka-Rye-Eye, these are professionally duplicated chrome tapes, with two color shell imprints. Limited to 100 copies.