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Arachnad "913 Cups Of Kool-Aid" Pro 2x CDR

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For the first time on CD; Arachnad's debut "913 Cups Of Koolaid" (previously only available on cassette) takes you through the last day of Jonestown in Guyana through a wall of cacophonous noise, samples & sinister ambiance.

Now with the inclusion of the omitted unreleased 5th track "Shellshock" coupled with the re-release of the self titled; "Arachnad" follow up as well as 3 extremely rare bonus tracks. All of which recorded during the same sessions.

Tracks 1-4 taken from the original cassette release of "913 Cups Of Koolaid".

Track 5 previously unreleased track that was intended for the original cassette release of "913 Cups Of Koolaid".

Tracks 6-9 taken from the self titled; "Arachnad" release.

Tracks 10-12 rare bonus tracks that were only previously available to select people.

For fans of: Atrax Morgue & Schloss Tegal.

Proudly released by It'll Fetus / Infernal Funeral & Ka-Rye-Eye.